Magento eCommerce Redesign

4 months
User Experience Lead
Forty Four [Contractor]

I came into the Bluegrass project to lead UX efforts on a Magento site redesign with Forty Four. During my time on this project, I developed the UX and wireframes for every site page, including the logged in user view. I led the work on user flows, detailing out the complex buying path, ROI calculator functionality and usage and cost diagrams collaborating with the design and development teams to make sure that everything was implemented perfectly. Through this project, Bluegrass developed a simpler model for pricing and purchasing and became the best in class example for a regional cell service provider — easily on par with the very best Verizon or AT&T could offer.

Because of our efforts, in the 4 months following the site relaunch, completed orders were up over 590% compared to the same period the previous year and more devices were sold after the relaunch in Q1 2016 than in the first 9 months of 2015 combined.

Our sidebar had to serve many purposes for different situations — plan building, cart status etc. Each state was detailed out in the wireframes, allowing the dev and creative teams to focus on their tasks and no need to fill in missing gaps.

Detailed User Flows

We take for granted how easy it is to upgrade our phones and plans. The truth is, it’s far from easy. For this project, I led efforts to simplify the buying process, developing flows that took into account nearly every angle, decision point and entry way to get from intent to purchase. Over 10 different scenarios were laid out, ranging from buying path, upgrade path, changing a plan and discovering what plan was right for you. Each had it’s own challenges and uncovered small, yet important aspects of the buying path that even Bluegrass was surprised to find out.