Who is this Mike Guy Anyway?

For nearly two decades I’ve had the privilege to work with some amazing people on some fantastic projects. I’ve worked for small agencies, large companies and even helped to start and build an agency from the ground up. I work very well with small, close knit teams and believe the best ideas can come from anywhere. I enjoy solving problems from all angles and can say with all honesty that I love what I do. For me, success is more than just landing the big project — it’s about working towards something great and the integrity and contributions of everyone involved that go into it so.

I’ve never liked labels, I’ve always felt they limit and separate people from each other. I am a creative — I’ve always had a knack for art and design. When I was younger, I took to recreating comic book characters. Drawings of Wolverine and Batman littered my room. I feel in love with pastels in high school and they became my main medium throughout college. I came to technology late in college and fell into digital art and design. From there I’ve never looked back and invested my time into growing not just my design skills, but my tech skills as well. I believe that to be a good creative in this industry, you have to have some knowlege of how what you design gets built. Simply put by someone more eloquent than me, “Design challenges technology and technology inspires design”.


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Jedi Master
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A Bit More About Me

I love my work, but there is more to me than just agency life. Outside of work, I’m a total SciFi geek, and proud of it. I love games of all kind — give me any board game, video game or puzzle and I’ll be happy. I taught myself the guitar and have been playing music for most of my life. Recently I’ve taken up learning the Ukulele with my youngest son, which is much more difficult than I expected. I love movies and television shows with Rocky, The Good Place, Battle Star and Game of Thrones as some of my favs. According to 16 personalities, I’m a INFP which I’m pretty sure has shifted over the years, though the ‘IN’ is always consistent. All in all, I believe in the best within people. I strive to make everyone around me feel welcome and to love what they do.

Thank you for taking the time to spend some time in my corner of the web. If you’d like to meet, talk shop or grab a coffee, let’s connect.


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