Custom WooCommerce Redesign

3 months
Project Lead, Art Direction
Narwhal Digital

GBES provides world class green education training services. Our job was to modernize their payment system and bring a polish digital presence. To accomplish this, we implemented a custom WooCommerce cart integration that connected with their legacy, home grown CRM system and a modular template system. I led our efforts on UX, design and development working with our teams to plan out sprints and establish overall creative direction along with Kelly Younger running with the overall design system.

Example Style Tiles & User Flow Through the Cart Process

We started our engagement taking a comprehensive look at the GBES site and it’s competitors. Our findings helped to establish places where GBES could lead over their competition and new ways to portray their brand.

Opportunities were presented taken from not just competitors but also leaders in other industries. This helped us look beyond just the environmental education space, but into new avenues for how GBES could establish themselves as leaders in their space.

Mobile Too!

Mobile, as in all site redesigns, was a huge initiative. We looked at the site as a mobile first opportunity eCommerce platform, looking at ways to improve the experience from the small screen up. All screens were designed for desktop and mobile, making sure the pages worked well on mobile and implemented in development to take full advantage of the WooCommerce platform.