Concept Design & User Experience

5+ Weeks
Creative Direction, Design Lead, UX, Strategy & Prototyping

Lexus has very loyal owners. To keep this group of enthusiast engaged, they have an incredible rewards program that gives back to this loyal group of drivers. The project was a quick, 6-week sprint to develop the digital aspect of their rewards program. Durning this time I helped to lead a small group that was embedded within the Lexus campus in Torrence, California.

The overall design was influenced by the on-going .com redesign. While various elements were borrowed, most of the design steamed from the unique needs of the Lexus Drivers users and how they would interact with the system.

Everything was up for grabs — and we left nothing on the table. We developed scenario sketches that demonstrated how the system worked in the physical world and complementing the digital portion of the program. Design was a huge part of the solution and for this and, as such, we developed a full set of wire frames, comps and even a style guide to help implement the program. The final deliverable was well received and tested well with their drivers.

Scenario Sketches

Original sketches were created to show some of the more abstract ideas of the program, as well as to help storyboard the program flows. Since flows were not all digital, the sketches served a very specific purpose to help fill in the gaps in the user experience as members move through the program. The sketches were created in less than 24hrs using a Wacom tablet and Photoshop.

The final deliverable consisted of program requirements, an executive summary and a style guide. The guide took all the elements and features of each page and broken down their aesthetic and functionality, making it easy for future groups to pick up the concepts and execute on them.

In addition to the above, full mobile and desktop clickable prototypes were developed with Just In Mind — a prototyping tool similar to Axure and Framer. The final project was delivered on time and on budget to a very happy end client.