Digital Strategy & Experience Concept

2+ Years
Design, UX, Art Direction, Creative Direction
Narwhal Digital

PMG’s platform is an amazing BPM product that gives large enterprises the ability to manage pretty much anything. It’s incredibly flexible and can create complex management flows all without code. Their clients are a who’s who on the Fortune 500 list. But even with this incredible software, their UX and UI left little to be desired. We helped to re-imagine their UX flows to be more intuitive and attractive. We not only designed their core application tools, but became an extension of their team to help their clients design completely custom UIs.

The new designs were so successful that we were invited to their yearly clients symposium to run a UX/Design breakout session where we instructed clients on small ways to make their software more intuitive. Along with the expert original design from Keith Weaver, and UI design contributed from Kristen Castells, my role spanned from UX design, Account Management and UI design for Narwhal.

The Pick List

One of the more challenging pieces to think out was the “Pick List”. This was an important feature where PMG’s clients would spend a majority of their time. For this piece, we looked to other PM and workflow tools to bring a more modern experience to their tool, ultimately providing a clean UI and more intuitive user experience.

Below are various custom designs created for PMG’s client’s software installations.