Digital Strategy & Brand Overhaul

3+ Years
Account Director, Designer, Art Director, Front End Developer
Narwhal Digital

QASymphony is a fast growing startup. Their software is focused on a single thing — enabling companies to make better software. Before our engagement with their team, they had done very little marketing and even less design work. We were just getting started ourselves — just a scrappy bunch of contractors with big dreams. Narwhal’s work began with simple PPC landing pages and display ad campaigns which grew into a full-fledged website redesign.

After launch, the site saw immediate benefits including longer time on site, 83% reduced bounce rates and a 40% increase in form conversions. I lead the website redesign project from concept, through design and development execution. Over the years, I grew with the account to oversee all work that now includes trade show design, collateral design and overall brand refresh. Throughout the course of this work, I’ve had the privilege to work with fantastic talent — Kristen Castells who contributed early on in the design phase and established the direction for the collateral work and our team at Narwhal Digital.

For the website redesign, we prepared a full set of wireframes that were created in Sketch. The idea was to develop a modular system that could be specific enough to define structure, but generic enough to be used over and over again. The basis for these wires — all the layers and modules — formed a core set of components that we still draw from today, nearly four years later.

Continuous Updates & Personalized Content

Two years after the initial site redesign, new thinking was brought in to optimize the conversion funnel. We custom built functionality that could bring WordPress closer to the personalized experience you get from a Site Core install. With this new functionality in place, site admins could define specific, personalized content offers to appear nearly anywhere on site which were powered by a users marketo profile — continually serving them content to move them through the trial process.

To fold the new functionality into the site, new sections were designed and content offer placements were developed. Our client was impressed, remarking that they had spent nearly $500k on a Site Core implementation that didn’t do half the stuff they could do now.

Email Campaigns

While working on various other projects for QASymphony, email campaigns were a frequent need. Early on we developed an initial set of email templates that covered newsletters, product announcements and general operation mailings. As the Personalization Engine rolled out, new templates were created and injected with personalized content feeds from the .com website.

Print Material & Trade Show Booths

QASymphony hosts and participates in many trade shows throughout the year — even launching their very own Quality Jam. Nearly all of their collateral and trade show materials have been designed by our team.