Branding, eCommerce Website & Companion App

3 months
Project Lead, Creative Director, Designer, Developer

The Solution is a start up boutique in Southern California. When I was contacted about this project, all they had was an idea for their business — an upscale IV therapy clinic. They didn’t want it to feel overly medical, instead focusing more on lifestyle, health and wellness. We worked with their team to refine their overall vision. I led numerous working sessions with the client to develop a brand story, identity, go to market messaging and overall creative style. Upon completion of the project, we delivered (several) finished logos, a complete style guide, a fully featured website with a MindBody booking integration, and a companion app for customers to use on the go.

For this project, I had the privilege of working with my very talented brother, Mark Nizinski, who was essential in helping to refine our final logos and design initial web pages.

Defining the Audience

Our first assignment was to define the audience. Based on limited market research our client had done, we distilled the data down, defining their audience and developing several style boards and vision statements. This was a hands on exercise with the client to get the language just right. Overall, we pitched several variants on logos, each with the central theme of balancing health, wellness and light medical feel. We placed each one in situational mock-ups to give the client a good idea of what the finished brand mark would look like.

Companion App

The companion app was one of the more interesting pieces of this project. The app relied on the then beta version of WordPress JSON API to pull data directly down from the WordPress website — essentially making it easier to manage content in one central place. From there, the app integrated with the MindBody booking agent allowing customers to book appointments on the go.